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We went to do our technical scout today. The location: The building 14 of the FDNY Training Facility located in Randall’s Island. Let me introduce you to “The Subway Simulator” where our characters will be locked for 36 hours.



This is the inside of Building 14.


This is my favorite picture, 16 characters in the car number 1+3+6+6 = 16. How cool is that?


James, our Technical Advisor explains to us about emergency procedures.


Tao, the Art Director, taking measures.


Philip, the Director of Photography, trying different gels.


Javier, the Producer playing with the control board.


Javier and Philip discussing about how to keep the budget low.


It was really dark in here, we were testing the lights while, Tao thinks about how to open and close those doors manually. In the middle, Alejandro, the Assistant Director was shocked by the flash.


Stay tune!

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  Cybrog Unknown wrote @

“Denial , Fear , Anger , Acceptance, Anarchy”
You can find all of this in the 1967 movie “The Incident” which takes place on the Lexington Ave 4 line. The best Subway movie ever. Way ahead of it’s time. Also Martin Sheen’s first flick

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