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IT’S A… rough cut?

Yes, finally is a rough cut. Thanks to the hard work of Gustavo and Javier, the rough cut of sH was watched by the production team yesterday. Of course, there’s still work to do and there are some improves that can and will be made, but being able to see all the story feels so

While Javier and Gustavo were editing, all I could see was the scenes that they were working on. And in the meetings that we had to watch the improvements there was only separated scenes, so sit and watch the hole thing without having to imagine what would fill the gaps between scenes was one of the more fulfilling experiences in my film life.

Knowing that only a few details separate the raw footage from the final cut is so exciting. Not to tell about the possibilities of improving the experience by working on the audio. I’m so proud of the things that we accomplished with such a short budget, and of course all the hard work provided by everybody involved.



  Gustavo wrote @

Gracias por la mención. Ha sido un trabajo bastante duro para lograr ese deadline.

Ha sido emocionante.

  Wayne wrote @

Yay!! This is so exciting!! looking forward to its release!!!

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