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If previews were 11 minutes long

Today we finished the sound mix for the movie. It took us more time that what we have planned because you always have something more to add or to replace or just to change a little bit.
Yesterday we thought that it was going to be the last session, but there were some more improvements that had to be made in order to meet the expectations that we have since the beginning of the process.

Now, we are working on the previews. It sounds easy, but sometimes it is kind of hard to make them interesting and get the people to know the story, and at the same time not saying more that you have to. If all previews could be big explosions and dramatic music…

Last week, the production team of the movie had a little chat with the people of Venezolanos en Broadway (Venezuelans on Broadway, an organization of Venezuelans that live in NYC and have jobs that involve creative or artistic skills). It was the perfect opportunity to test what we have on our hands, so we decided to show them the first 11 minutes of the latest version of the movie that we had in a hard drive.

Production Designet Tao García (center) and Leo Zelig (left) in the Q&A

Production Designer Tao García (center) and Director Leo Zelig (left) in the Q&A

All the people liked what they saw, and somehow it was a great experience to listen to what people that is not sentimentally attached to the movie have to say. We also had a little Q&A session where Improv was one of the main topics, as well as the budget and the technical difficulties during production.

Producer, Javier Pérez-Karam (left), checks some notes in the meeting with VEB

Producer, Javier Pérez-Karam (left), checks some notes in the meeting with VEB

Soon, the previews will be ready, and it would be great to know what you think of them…


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