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Good News! Wonderphil Productions is subHysteria’s International Producer Rep

After 5 months out of the blogging scene we’re back with excellent news! We’ve got representation!!!! Yes Wonderphil Productions is our Producer Rep, the agreement was signed on Mid January and now is official! They represent films at many of the major Film/TV markets, including the American Film Market, Berlin, MIPTV, MIPCOM, DISCOP, Eurasia and the Cannes Film Festival/Market, among others. They job is to secure domestic and international distribution in all media.

We’re also preparing everything for our world premiere in Venezuela on April 30th, the poster that you see here is the theatrical poster for Venezuela.

Promotion for our premiere will start on March.

Stay tuned! and if you want to be updated in real time, just follow the filmmakers in twitter @leonardzelig and @perezkaram



  Equis films wrote @

Van a presentar la peli en el Market de Berlin este año? Yo estoy aquí (en Belrin) y me gustaría saber si puedo ser de alguna ayuda. Saludos.

  Jessica Tamblyn wrote @

Phil Gorn is a good honest distributor. Hope you do great with your film.

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