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Cliff’s Notes of the last 2 months

We’ve been working non stop. On March we continued our post-production journey with the audio phase and the color correction. We will divide this post in 5 steps: ADR, Color Correction, Audio, Visual FX and CGI Modeling.


Luis "El Pillo" Herrera ADRing

Luis "El Pillo" Herrera ADRing

We have two days of ADR, all the actors came to replace all the lines that we couldn’t hear properly and to add some spice to a couple of scenes.

ADRing the Incident

ADRing the Incident

STEP 2 Color Correction

We have several sessions at Crew Cuts, we were really amazed with the immensity of the room we used. Definitely we were really lucky of have a prime post-production facility like them helping us with the color correction.

Our first visit to our Color Corection Station

Our first visit to our Color Correction Station

We had the best colorists ever, Josh and Andy, and the best color correction producer Stephanie who called us everytime a slot was available to go there and work.

Josh and Andy on Duty!

Josh and Andy on Duty!

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Color correction and Audio mixing!

I’m very glad to announce that subHysteria is under it’s last step of post production: the color correction and the audio mixing.

The color correction is being done at Crew Cut, and it’s a great deal to give a more important role to colors in the final image that all of you will see on the screen, since it was such a beautiful work that Philip Armand did in the set with his crew. Now all the work can get to another level just by working the levels, and hues and all of the different parameters of the video signal.

For all of us who saw the final cut will be a great deal to watch sH without proxy in the audio like a real phone ring instead of somebody in the set doing the sound with his voice. I’m glad that we have such a great team in audio post at Zampol and at Mixology.  With the foley and the sound effects, believe me, sH will be another story and a much better one, since you’ll be able to get more involved in the hole process of being in a subway car for such a long time.

Just a little more time and sH will be a really entertaining feature that hopefully will detach you from reallity and give you something to think about EVERYTIME you use the subway system…

IT’S A… rough cut?

Yes, finally is a rough cut. Thanks to the hard work of Gustavo and Javier, the rough cut of sH was watched by the production team yesterday. Of course, there’s still work to do and there are some improves that can and will be made, but being able to see all the story feels so

While Javier and Gustavo were editing, all I could see was the scenes that they were working on. And in the meetings that we had to watch the improvements there was only separated scenes, so sit and watch the hole thing without having to imagine what would fill the gaps between scenes was one of the more fulfilling experiences in my film life.

Knowing that only a few details separate the raw footage from the final cut is so exciting. Not to tell about the possibilities of improving the experience by working on the audio. I’m so proud of the things that we accomplished with such a short budget, and of course all the hard work provided by everybody involved.

We are in full post-production mode!

Yesterday was one of those days that you really enjoy as a filmmaker, at 2 PM we had a meeting with the legendary Larry Hama writer and editor at Marvel Comics, who’s going to be our guru through the process of publishing subHysteria: the graphic novel.

At 4 PM we met with Sven Herrmann, the editor of all the promos, we had a little session about the teaser of the film, and we came up with a very nice concept. The teaser should be ready by Friday.

Sven is showing us the audio track of the teaser.

Sven is showing us the audio track of the teaser.

At 6 PM we had a meeting with the two editors of subHysteria, Javier PerezKaram & Gustavo Bernal, we saw part of the film in multicamera vision for the first time, that means we were watching the images of the three cameras in one scene in the same screen, that was fascinating.

Gust is playing the multi-cam.

Gus is playing the multi-cam.

We talked about structure, style, rhythm...


It was our first official editing meeting, so we were just getting in the same page. We will have over 200 multicam sequences, so I offer my help to edit the backstories of the characters, while Javier & Gustavo cut the subway.


Very exciting day!



Since the phrase “The movie is in the can” is not quite appropriate for this project, but the movie is in the hard drive, or the movie is in the tin, it is, the next step is to rename the files accordingly to their scenes numbers and takes, so that’s what I’m doing right now. Part of the process is to convert the files to quicktime, so while that happen I blog about it.

I’m loving the material, while we were shooting I only could supervise one out of three cameras, so now that I’m reviewing everything, I’m finding surprises every minute! I’m really happy right now.

Stay Tune!