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Elaiza Gil

Renown Venezuelan actor with a deep training in acting. She started her career when she was 4 years old taking classes of dancing, singing and acting. She was part of Las Voces Blancas and took Tap lessons with Americans Instructors. She became a Children Art Teacher while she was in High School.

She moved to Milan, Italy after she graduated from High School. She enrolled in the Luigi Pirandello Dramatic Arts School. She was elected Queen of the Venice Carnival and thanks to that, she started working as Host in Italian Television.

When she returned to Venezuela, she started working on Children’s Theater, film and TV. Her first role in a film was in Despedida de Soletra from Antonio Llerandi in 1995, she also participated in Pandemonium from Roman Chalbaud in 1997, she received remarkable reviews for his interpretation of Demetria. In 1999 she participated in Huelepega from Elia Schneider, in 2002 in the films La toma de la Embajada from Ciro Duran and La Pluma del Arcangel from Luis Manzo. Her last movie was the Venezuelan selection for the Academy Awards 2009 as foreign Film, El Tinte de la Fama from Alejandro Bellame Palacios, soon to be distributed in the US by Cinevolve Studios.

In TV Elaiza has been part of different soap operas such as La llaman Mariamor; Samantha; Amantes de Luna Llena; Guerra de Mujeres; Las Gonzalez; Rebeca, produced in Miami; Ciudad Bendita. Her latest soap is Arroz con Leche currently airing in Venevision in Venezuela.

Elaiza also studied screenwriting and direction in Bogota, Colombia.


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