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Hector Palma

Hector Palma was raised and born in Caracas. He received a Mass Communication Degree from the Andres Bello Catholic University. He is a member of the GA-80, one of the most prestigious theater companies in Venezuela.

In 1999, he created his production company, HPN, developing several projects for major Venezuelan film and tv networks the sitcom “Planeta de 6”, “Taima”, and “Desorden ando”, among others. 

Last year, Mr. Palma produced his directorial debut, “Not That Long, Not That Short”, which was exhibited theatrically in Venezuela throught Cines Unidos, one of the top distributors of that country.

His credits as an actor includes: “Onda Corta”, “Ni tan largos, Ni tan cortos”, “Miranda Regresa”, “Lo que tiene el otro”, “Sed en los pies”, “Planeta de 6”, “Cedula Ciudadano”, “Tu y yo”, among others.


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