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Isabella Cascarano

Born in Valencia, Venezuela, Isabella Cascarano’s beauty, charismatic personality, great sense of humor and hard work brought her to alternate among movies, television, theater, red carpets, hosting events and being featured in music videos.

Isabella began her career in the entertainment industry at an early age, participating in multiple theater and dance productions throughout Venezuela. Her beauty took her to become the face of Revlon Makeup in South America. She also modeled in many television and printed commercials such as Ford, Miller, Nissan, Benetton, Statfox Edge Magazine, Crazy Daisy Jeans, Angel Sanchez (clothing designer for Revlon), Olga Bolagnos, Mayela Camacho and National Lampoon’s Cattle Call calendar, just to name a few.

As an Actress, she is currently working in Film and Television in starring, leading and supporting roles in Los Angeles, Mexico and all Latin America. She will be soon under the direction of Scott Essman in two projects for Universal Studios.

As a Host, Isabella is working in live event and entertainment television, as well in commercials and radio.

As a Dancer and Choreographer, she has a passion for Flamenco that has inspired her to produce and direct her own shows.

Isabella is a spiritual person who became involved in philanthropy, dedicating part of her time as hostess and supporter for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. She aims to raise awareness and to help children with terminal medical conditions.

More information about Isabella in her website.



  Gordon Vasquez wrote @

Isabella Cascarano is a charm to interview and she can light up any Red Carpet –

Gordon Vasquez

  Alfredo Rates wrote @

Great talent, nice attitude.

  Scott Liggett wrote @

Isabella is a beautiful and talented actress. She has an incredible energy that lights up the screen.

  Arthur wrote @

Exelent presents, dedicated to her work and her family with a big skills for the theatre and the cinema.Pretty heart.

  JERMAINE wrote @

Isabella has so much positive energy! she can light up a dark room with her smile alone..

  Carlos wrote @


I can’t wait to see you in your new film.

Just like all your other material, your talent and charisma will shine bright on the BIG screen.

You’re talented and gifted, this movie is going to be greeaaaat with you in it!!!

  Ignacio Val wrote @

Isabella is such an amazing talent, she has charm and angel. every single project that she has been part of has been a succes, and strongly believe that she will become soon a huge star!

  Bob Saldana wrote @

Isabella has one of those looks and personalities that make you want to watch and get to know…on or of the Big Screen!

  Small Mercies wrote @

Isabella is very talented and has a great look for the screen. We enjoyed working with her and hope to so again.

  Edgar Lugo wrote @

Isabella Cascarano is very talented and fresh, like no other one before her, showing great carisma and a profesionalism in every single presentation or perfonmance she does, not only proving her great quality, but also her true value. In just a sentence: “Talented and beautiful”.-

  Carl Gilliard wrote @

Who is sexier and more exotic than Isabella Cascarano? I can’t wait to see her work in this very intriguing film. She will ad so much to the film. Can’t wait!!! Well, I’ll have to wait. Do I have to? Congratulations Isabella!!

  Anabella Godoy wrote @

My dear Isabella is so great the work that you have been doing and is a great pleasure to watch you.
Your profecionalism shine in the big screen.
I know that you are going to go far.
I can wait to see the movie.

  Francisco P wrote @

I love your very positive energy and your

  Francisco P wrote @

I love your positive energy and your dedication to your passion. I know this new project will be a a hit.
Can’t wait to see you in the new film.

ps. don’t forget to send the ivite for opening night.
Francisco P special events photographer. : )

  Edgar wrote @



  Daniel wrote @


I feel fortunate to have seen you perform. The dance show that I saw was very well choreographed and you came across as very charismatic and powerful. I can’t wait to see you in SubHysteria. Best of luck to you!


  Franco wrote @


No one can have the passion and energy that she promotes, she is the kind of person that will make somenthing out of nothing and deliveres 110% everytime.

Good Luck Subhysteria

  alejandra wrote @

Tu buena energia contagia y tu talento brilla. Mucha fuerza en Subhysteria y saluda de mi parte a la bella Nueva York.

  Petty wrote @

Isabellla, me encanta tu trabajo y como siempre todo un exito. Estoy segura que Subhysteria ya es un triunfo! Te mando muchas bendiciones y sigue adelante!

  Nia Lyte wrote @

Isabella’s amazing personality and talent are a gift to all the movies she is part of. I am so proud she was in my show and I had an opportunity to interview her! You will reach all your dreams and fly high very high in your near future.

Nia Lyte
Host: InternationalBeauty web show

  Vera wrote @

Isabelle has a great talent and a very positive attitude. She is very charismatic and shines bright on the BIG screen.

  reencuentro musical wrote @

hola isabella espero que esta pelicula la disfrutes alo maximo espero y te comuniques con migo o atrabes de mail para saber de la pelicula la mejor lucha que paso con esa bueno espero y estes bien att:jesus

  Javier Prato wrote @

Isabella’s charm captures the camera like no other. Best of luck in this production!!! from here to awesome baby! 🙂

  Santiago wrote @

Isabella… Ciertamente pude tan solo conocerte durante solo una semana, en un curso de flamenco… Pero la pasión que desbordas contagió toda la sala.
Y yo, que tocaba la guitarra, me tenía que retener para no ponerme a bailar junto a ti.
Un abrazo, y mi más sincero deseo de que triunfes.

  Daniela wrote @

Isabella excelente, disfrutalo muchisimo, te mando mis mejores desos para esta pelicula que desde ya te aseguro va a ser un exito total
Un abrazo fuerte Daniela, Nick, Franco y Nicola

  Gabriela Grbic wrote @

Amiga como siempre, “En hora buena” ja sales preciosa, te mando un beso y mucha suerte con tus nuevos proyectos. Te quiero mucho.
Saludos a tu hermano.

  Tim Herndon wrote @

Isabella captures pure elegence and charm.. She is a rare talent who captivates her audiance with ease and remaines humble at heart.. i am honored to have worked with her and become her freind.. She is a light in my life and others around her.. Congrats on everyting and may the force be with you Isabella!


  Daniel Galo wrote @

I have seen the dedication and sacrifice this talented lady has gone through for her craft. She will be giving a great surprise by showing the entertainment industry the Real Venezuelan Spirit, that is of course to any audience member that’s ready for it!

  Sonia wrote @

Hello Isabella!!!

Looks great! hope the best and looking forward to see more of you! Chao 🙂

  Dannny M wrote @

Isabella already has a following. I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon! Best of luck with your newest project.

  Yves Bozzi wrote @

Isabella is sophisticated without arrogance.
A huge talent. She might be also a star in Europe, all directors will definitely love her.

  Morgen wrote @

Rehearsals are looking great. I can’t wait to see the final product. I am sure you will steal the show. I wish you all the best of luck on this project. Besos.

  Maria Zecchetto wrote @

Not often one finds so much talent, beauty and charm
combined with such a generous and loving heart.
I love your spirit and your enthusiasm.
Best of luck always, you deserve it!

  Raul H Sosa wrote @

Isabella, I always knew you were going to achieve your goals, work with a such hard worker like you is a pleasure and an honor. I wish you the best in your new project.

  hollywood desperado jaime monroy wrote @

I was recently was being interviewed on the Red Carpet, when this movie star got my attention, but I couldn’t remember her name…it was isabella !

  Francois wrote @

Bella, Isabella! Bella!
Glad to know you’re back in LA, we were missing you.

Can’t wait to see your smile.



  Tim Herndon wrote @

Isabella I can’t wait to see you in Subhysteria…
I am preparing a Big Screening party for everybody.

  Gerardo Zelada wrote @

Isabella is a treasure!

She is a wonderful actress! She always brings 100% to all her film projects and is outstanding in anything she does!

Wow; as always, AMAZING! Congratulations Isabella! Your performances are as amazing as your personality!!!!!


  Edgar wrote @

Bueno es gratuito que te diga lo que ya sabes que tienes y sabes hacer … se feliz porque en el poeta y en el artista existe el infinito//// como siempre lo mejor/// y deja que los perros ladren … y sigue con tu camino ( cervantes en el quijote..)

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