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Osvaldo Benavides

Osvaldo Benavides was born in Mexico City on June 14 1979. He began his career as an actor at the age of nine working in television and theater.

By the age of 21 he already had worked in numerous mainstream feature films such as “La primera noche”, “Piedras Verdes”, “La segunda noche”,  “Por la libre”, “Seres humanos”, “Un mundo maravilloso”. He also performed in theaters plays like “Zucco”,  “Trainspotting”, “Las obras completas de William Shakespeare (Abreviadas)”, “El Graduado”, among otheres.

He’s actually a director at Agave Shots, a successful production company in Mexico City, specialized in commercials and music videos.

He’s decided to act, only for fun, in projects that inspire him.



  mathew alegarbes wrote @

i want to know if he is married and what he is doing now…im a big fan of him

  Greece18 wrote @

Osvaldo benavides he played and Maria la del barrio if he is the real one from the novela..
from there i now him..
can any body tell me..what hes doing now?

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