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Quadiri Bolare

Quadiri Bolare was born in Nigeria on September 4, 1977. His Love for the Arts started as a child performing with the Harlem Boys Choir at the age of 8.

He’s been featured on various TV shows, film projects, as well as magazine and print ads, such as Oz, Third Watch, Hope & Faith, The Dave Chappelle Show, and the soon to be release Notorious B.I.G. Movie. He has also been featured in a Dove print ad and on the cover of the premier issue of Recognize “The Relationship Magazine”

His second love is writing poetry hoping to be published one day.



  Peggy wrote @

Quadiri such a talent and a star!!!

  Nyomi wrote @

Can’t wait to see you in this movie. I know you’ll do a great job!

  nina wrote @

You go Q! We are all proud of you at Modo. Don’t forget about us when you blow up!

  Margaret wrote @

I’m so proud of you.

  Danny wrote @

You Go Boy!!! I know you’re going to blow up. Show case your talent my brother.

  Tamara wrote @

You were great on The Chappelle show, your skit was really funny, so I know you will be fabulous in this film.

  Caroline wrote @

Good Luck Q. I look forward to seeing you in this movie. BTW, it sounds like a great story.

  Terry wrote @

Q, I’m so happy for you. Show them what you’ve got!!!

  Chee’ wrote @

Love the concept of this film! Q, you’ve got what it takes to knock’em out.

  Mrs. Bolare wrote @

I’m so proud of you Baby, I know that you’re going to bring your talent and your creativity to this film.
Your #1 Fan

  Teddy wrote @

Hey Bro, this sounds crazy, I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I was stuck on the train, especially in NYC!!! Anyways, good luck and show them what you’ve got.

  Del wrote @

Yo, Q
What good playboy. Keep doing your thing, much love, keep rep nigeria. hit me when U get a chance….

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