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What would you do if you had 5 hours to live?


People often say “Live each day as if it was your last”. It’s a nice statement, but actually, that’s not practical. As a simple example, given that I plan on living a few more years, I pick my clothes because I want to look cool. If I had a mere 300 minutes of life left, that wouldn’t be on my list of things to do.

The characters in subHysteria might confront this challenge, if you were them and you were locked in a subway car with no hope to live, how would you spent those last 5 hours?, what would you do?

Leave us your comments down here. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up in our movie.



  John Vogt wrote @

I’d like to think that I’d heroically find the escape route. I’d like to think that I would remain calm and offer comfort and possibly hope to my fellow prisoners. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t panic for the first 4 1/2 hrs and then cry like a three year old who lost his wubby for the last 30mins. I’d like to think that. I think I’m gonna stop riding the subways. 😉 good luck guys. Call me if you need anything…like a prybar

  Ana wrote @

Just Like Jesus, make a great dinner, with my family and very close friends, eat great food, all types, italian, french, spanish, mc donald´s, all of the food I love and share the moment, remembering my very best moments!!!! The dinner would include my iPod, so I could dance and cry of joy and sadness at the same time… I would invite all the ones I like, not the family members you had to for your graduation, birthday, etc… Just to leave biterness behind!
Probably include sex in the bathroom… Only 5 hours is just not enough to have a romantic farewell…
Honestly, I think this theme is like reinventing the wheel, since the “Last Supper” was really the last one! (Even they say it was very “Jesus Christ” I don´t believe it! I´m sure he had sex, ate a lot, cried and dance)

  Sofia wrote @

What would I do? Well, that’s a very hard question….
The first thing coming to my mind would be the ones I love. I’d get a terrible feeling that I won’t see them again and then, I try to go backwards remembering places, people, and family and so on…
Remembering what i did, what I was supposed to tell or what i didn’t tell them. In that freaking feeling, I’d try to contact them as much I can. I’d take my cell phone trying to reach them but there’s no communication at all. Dam it! I would cry and freak out!
So I’d take a notebook, I usually have my notebook with me. I’d try to write something to them, to the ones I love. Maybe, I’d write my last will or how my funeral would be; but then I think who is going to read this? My notebook wouldn’t be found. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be easy to write something in this situation? Wouldn’t be? I may be a lot of people screaming, yelling to each other, crying. The entire situation is so stressing that I cannot even write or think straight. So I’d look around. I’d see the people around me; I’d start wondering who are they, what are they doing there? How are their lives? Maybe the hero inside me would come alive to comfort someone. Maybe a woman with a child needs help or that old woman over there….

  Kim wrote @

i would take a huge ass loan in my bank and go nuts, heh..

i would probably do a lot of things seing as to how i’m never going to
be held responsible… heh

  Pilar wrote @

I have a doubt for sure I know I’m gonna die?, I’ll asume the answer is yes and I’ll asume I’m alone as in with none of the people that I love with me. So with this picture, alone, knowing for sure I’m dying and not being able to leave (let’s also assume I already searched and investigated every square cm to be sure there is no way out) I would just sit down and chill. I would put myself in a very comfortable position and get all my senses aware, very very aware all my senses cause as they say hope is the last you loose so I would keep them wide open to see if I catch a way out.
I would ignore any hysterical human being and help any children, if any, to mentally escape that place. I guess I would also write down a nice goodbye letter to my loved ones if I had pen and paper. Yes that would be more or less it. Chill and wait for it or for the chance to change the curse of things. (thou honestly I think nobody knows until they are tested…)

  Cholo wrote @

This may sound silly but here it goes: I consider myself a lucky guy, so I’ve always thought that in case of a major accident/tragedy, I’ll be one of the survivors, so I’ll keep going trying to find a way out. I also think things through 100 times all the time, so I’ll be the guy exploring all the posibilities, even the most unlikely ones. Finally I have a son, for whom I’ll give my life anytime, he’d be my drive to keep going and at the same time, as I run out of options, my source of desperation at the thoguht of never seeing him again or having said goodbye…

  negra wrote @

I’d check out every guy, . and if I found one that was cute.. I’d jump al over him at will… without restrictions..

  D wrote @

If I’m not mistaken, our last 5 hours are in a subway car-so- that does limit us to do the dinner (which sounds great) &, be with loved ones, etc. Since this is the case that I am with strangers, this is what I would know what I would do: At a certain point I would take out my bible and make sure they know their choices of eternal life with Jesus & anwser any questions they had and answer them using the bible to confirm what is true or not.. I would hope I can save a few souls before the 5 hours are up. peace+, hope my spelling is fine 🙂

  Yury Lomakin wrote @

I would try every desperate measure to get out that I wouldn’t have when I had hope of being rescued. I would make sure I went out on my feet fighting for my life.

  Mightymusc wrote @

5 hours to live, everything is thrown out the window. 28 years of structure, whats right and whats wrong, whats good and bad, thats all gone. Nows the chance to act out any impulses you have or had, keeping rules and regulations behind you. So first off, i would have no respect or regard for whomevers trapped in that elevator with me. The fat guy farting while pretending to read his paper, Id tear into him balls to the wall until he was no longer recognizable to his children. why not, not like your going to jail. Hopefully there is at least 1 female trapped along. Id redefine the term of making her my bitch with the sexual onslaught she would receive. I’ve never hit hit a woman before so heres my chance to really let loose. Not like its going to eat at my conscience for the years to come. in the end the public will eventually discover what what has happened. I can see fireman and paramedics surrounding the elevator all stressed and dehydrated from the rescue attempt and when they finally pry the doors open, there’s an immediate wave of silence over the crowd. reporters peek in to find a horror show. the floor is ankle deep in blood with remains of the trapped people scattered everywhere. In a dark corner a reporter hears something. her camera man turns, illuminating the dark corner to find something. A man. He’s alive, he’s dipped in blood and is gnawing on what looks like to be a human hand. “he has survived by feeding on the other passengers.” the reporter whispered out loud.
the story makes headlines around the world and the story still to be told about the soul survivor and the events that took place are still to be told.

And no I’m not crazy I’m just trying to think creatively crazy is all 🙂
and I’m not going to proofread so shush.

  Cesar wrote @

Una gran comida con amigos y familia. Comería, bebería y conversaría hasta la ebriedad.
Jamás pretendería hacer de cinco horas, lo que en 32 años no he hecho con mi vida. Acaso hay goce más grande que ese?
Ahora, si estoy atrapado en un vagón de metro con desconocidos… Los escucharía… y si alguna mujer del grupo me gustara, le propondría hacer el amor con una lentitud desesperante.

  Annie O’C wrote @

I would sing. And/or give people massages. 🙂

  PolO wrote @

Surely I wouldn`t be reading this Dlog ( D as in Dumb ).

  Tommaso wrote @

well,first of all i’d pick a place I like.probably somewhere back home,on the lake.Como is a nice enough place to die.
I would have different meals i really like.Also,I would cook one with my friends.Then we’d eat together.
I’d just spend time with the people I love.If I had someone important in my life I would really like to make love.But maybe noe.Maybe just spending time together would be good.
I’d take time a moment to think about my life,feel the connection of things and the truths I know-which aren’t many but they’re pretty good ones.I’d say to people things I always wanted to tell them,and rectify the lies I’ve told them.
I probably wouldn’t end up with many friends,but i could always play the hey,i have five hours left,be pissed later card.
I’d thank the people I’m thankful to.
There’s a few movies I’d like to watch,but I wouldn’t do that really in the last five hours.
I would have some music playing though,the ones I like and make me feel comforted,soothed and,well,open.
I don’t know if I’d welcome death.Probably fucking not.But I like to think I’ll be able to go,well,I think I get what this was about,so okay,let’s do the dying thing.

If I had five hours left on a subway i think I would kill someone.see what it feels like.
maybe myself.probably so,actually.
and i’d make sure to come up with a very stoic reason for it,and throw in some nietzsche and wilhelm reich too.

  Tommaso wrote @

I’d say apart from the killing someone part I agree with the Last Supper girl.

  LUIZINHNO wrote @

300minutes left…

More than what I would do, I would think what I would NOT do.

I would avoid to feel fear to death, I would not panic, after all, everyone dies, rarely anyone knows when and how, now you do.

I would not try not to alarm or desperate those people around me then, and I would not make the last minutes of my life or their lives a waste of blames or complains to anyone.

I would try not to think about the negative thoughts and the ‘ifs’ and ‘what ifs’ or ‘could have’

  Luis Grande wrote @

well… I would tell my beloved ones that I love them and make sure that they believe me!

  Sandra K wrote @

a response from a 10-year-old:
Adult: “What would you do if you have 5 hours left to live?”
10yr-old: “I would kill myself before I have to die”

Adult: “Oh guao”
10 yr-old: “I would hire a hooker to have sex”

Not sure if this is what you are looking for!!!!
I will send you my answer another time!

Thanks! Good luck on your movie – paisano!

  Fabi wrote @

If someone/everyone told me I had 5 hours to live I would deny it to the end. I would probably try to think of things that make me laugh, like that one “Friends” episode, or every edition of “The Onion” or that time my sister laughed until she fell on the floor at the mall. I would sing until I broke a window.
I would probably be annoyingly upbeat, to the point that one of the other people that only have 5 hours to live would attempt to kill me before my time is up.

  ForeverYoung wrote @

I would call this one guy (yes, that guy) and tell him that his wife is a bitch. I would tell him that while I will have no remorse telling him that because I will be dead, he will have to spend the rest of his life knowing that he spent his days fucking a frigid liar. I will be forever young because I’m dying. You will be forever fucked because you couldn’t be honest with yourself. That’s life. And death.

  Journey wrote @

If I had five hours to live… am I trapped with people I don’t know?…. If so, I would probaby go crazy and scream and throw things. If I was with people I loved I would cry the entire five hours. Every single minute of them. I would try to tell them I love them.

  Dan the man wrote @

If I had five hours to live… I would just accept it as one of those things you can not change. During those five hours I would enjoy every last cigarette I had left while laughing as the other people on the train tried franticly to extend thier lives in a meaningless effort. At the same time as observing, try to stay out of the way of the people throwing thier little fits about death. Thats what I would do if I had five hours left to live, just enjoy them.

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